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Welcome To Cultural Adventures!

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Cultural Adventures Escorted Trips

Cultural Adventures offers you the opportunity to learn about fascinating cultures as part of a small group.
You’ll enjoy local cultural experiences beyond the usual tourist sights.

Your visit combines soft adventure with maximum comfort. You’ll travel with a tour escort who will provide information and answer questions before the trip as well as insure that your needs are met during the trip.

Group size limited to 12 or less.

Included on all trips: All hotels, flights within Peru, land transportation, tours, airport transfers, guides, escort & 16 meals.
Send in your deposit by December 1 and receive a $100 discount.

Not included: International flights and the $100 Galapagos National Park fee

Why Cultural Adventures South American trips are unique!

Guaranteed group size of 12 or less

Soft adventures in unique settings: Galapagos, Machu Picchu, Amazon rainforest

All hotels, tours, guides, escort, equipment, most meals, local flights, land and sea transportation INCLUDED

Practices sustainable tourism by respecting local cultures and supporting local services

Guided tours combined with opportunities to explore on your own

Guided tours combined with opportunities to explore on your own. You’ll travel with Connie Champlin, tour escort, who will provide information and answer questions before the trip as well as see that your needs are met during the trip. 

Whitman, your guide, and Connie, your escort, look forward to traveling with you

A deposit of $750 will reserve your spot on any trip. Mail your deposit check
written to Cultural Adventures to 129 Cranberry Lane, Centerville, MA 02632.

Customized trips for groups of 4 or more can be planned to fit specific dates & interests - For more information contact Connie Champlin at or


Discover Peru

May 2 – May 11, 2018

Amazing Ecuador: Amazon Rainforest & Andes Escorted

Sept 13-22, 2018

Explore Galapagos Escorted Trip

October 10 - 21, 2018

Teacher Galapagos Discovery Escorted Trip

July 13 - 21, 2018



A magical collection of landscapes, culture, and wildlife awaits the inquisitive and adventurously minded traveler.


Brimming with art and heritage, Cuenca is often called the Athens of the Andes.


Nestled in a valley of the beautiful Andes Mountains more then two miles into the sky, Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, shows off its legendary history while embracing its modern cosmopolitan flare.

Galapagos Islands

Stunning your eyes, mesmerizing your mind, and renewing your spirit, the Galapagos Islands are an experience to treasure.


Connie Champlin is an author, an educator, a librarian and, most importantly, a world traveler! And it is her love of travel and exploration that she wishes to share with you. While still in her twenties Connie volunteered with the U.S. Peace Corps for three years as a teacher trainer and library consultant in the Philippines and in South Korea. Connie was hooked on travel! Throughout her professional career she made certain to continue her interest in foreign countries and their peoples. Every two years Connie took extensive summer excursions, managing her own itineraries, through Europe, Southeast Asia and, of course, Ecuador!

Her first trip to Ecuador was an exploratory visit—and she loved what she saw and heard! Arts, music, crafts, natural wonders and a lovely people. Her second trip to Ecuador was more extensive, allowing her to learn about the culture, history and peoples. And the natural wonders of steep mountains and lush valleys of the Andes, and of Earth’s earlier ages represented by the awesome Galapagos Islands were treasures meant to be shared. Significantly, Connie always preferred the less traveled paths, free of tourist crowds and overpriced crafts. Think Vietnam, Burma, and Morocco--and you begin to understand her philosophy of visiting unique countries to immerse herself in the history and culture.

Connie has selected her three favorite places in Ecuador in hopes of enticing you to experience the magnificence of that country. First, the capital city of Quito with its indigenous peoples, its colonial architecture and bustling economy; next, the Southern Andes city of Cuenca (little known to most tourists) with its UNESCO designation as a world treasure for its colonial architecture, along with its fame for jewelry, ceramic ware and open air markets; and, lastly, the still pristine Galapagos Islands of Darwin fame with its exotic creatures and many volcanoes. All this and more just for the asking!


Your guide in the Galapagos Islands will be Whitman Cox, Galapagos National Park naturalist. Whitman was born on San Cristobal Island and grew up swimming with sea lions and playing with sea turtles. He will share these wonders and others with you. Whitman, who has been a naturalist for 20 years, looks forward to communicating his knowledge and love of the islands with you. His spoken English rivals his native Spanish!

Whitman offers a very personalized service. A local resident with incredible savvy of the Islands--he is everyone’ favorite tour guide! He prides himself on meeting your needs and interests through a variety of land and water tours. You needn’t be a fitness champ to enjoy Whitman’s excursions.! Come experience the Galapagos Islands one of the prized wonders of the natural world!

Additionally, passengers traveling with us are supporting the local economy. How? Because all of our support people live on the islands ---so what they earn through this work enriches the economy of the islands. 

The staff at TerraDiversa is committed to providing the ideal trip for you. TerraDiversa offers over a decade of field experience in the travel industry. Their direct contact acquired through working with a wide array of tourists from all over the world allows them to understand the traveler's true desires and interests while providing a high quality of service. For our visit to Cuenca and the southern highlands, we will use comfortable modes of transportation, charming hotels full of life, and will sample a myriad of flavors from the local cuisine.

TerraDiversa believes tourism is an integral part in the sustainable development of any country. This company promotes this development through its programs and by donating a percentage of its profits to conservation efforts.

All tours feature:

Soft adventure combined with maximum comfort

Group size of 12 or less to assure attention to individual needs

Dinners featuring local cuisine and performances by folk artists

Guided tours combined with opportunities to explore on your own 

Customized trips for groups of 4 or more can be planned to fit specific dates & interests - For more information contact Connie Champlin at or 


“Our Quito area guide, Cesear, was FABULOUS!!!!! What a lovely man! He was born to be a guide!”
"I have been to 30 countries, and this is the best trip I have ever taken. To walk between two worlds--the incredible animals in the Galapagos to the people and artists in Cuenca makes for an incredible experience. One that you are not likely to ever forget." 
“I wanted to thank you again for such a fantastic trip and for taking such good care of all of us. You can bet I'll be a big cheerleader for you and your company! Visiting the Galapagos has been a life's dream come true.” 
"I just wanted to say thanks for all that you did to make our trip so successful. It was splendid and I thoroughly enjoyed it." 


Connie started Cultural Adventures so she could design trips that she would like to take. She hopes you will find the itinerary appealing and join her on a trip to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands or Peru. Call Connie at 317.908.1220 if you have questions or want to discuss a trip. Fill out the form below to receive tour information.