Brimming with art and heritage, Cuenca is often called the Athens of the Andes. This enchanting city, which is the third largest in Ecuador, was founded in 1557 and its architecture and charm have been well preserved. Visitors can walk cobbled streets, visit magnificent churches, and beautiful old buildings (some built in the 16th century) with wrought iron balconies and doors of hand carved wood. Cuenca’s charm is part aesthetic and part practical as it is loaded with flower and handicraft markets, art galleries and studios. Sightseeing and shopping are both a delight in this gorgeous city.

Touring the Athens of the Andes
Setting Your Sights

Here’s What We’ll All Do

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepcion (New Cathedral)

Discover the marvels of the divine -- located on the Parque Calderon, this church has magnificent blue domes and pink marble porticos.

Plaza de San Francisco

Browse and buy locally handcrafted shawls, sweaters, and jewelry in a renowned marketplace.

Casa de la Mujer

Visit the studios of Cuenca’s celebrated artisans.


Where the valley meets the sea – experience the fertile farming community of Ecuador where sugar cane, bananas, coffee, and flowers flourish.


The most important Inca complex in the country. Let the rich history whisk you off to another place and celebrate the source of life – these ruins were originally a temple of the sun.

Sights You May Wish to Explore on Your Own 

La Iglesia de la Concepta

Explore religious art and history from the 16th century.

Museo de Banco Central

Tour a museum of archeology, ethnography, and on-site Inca ruins and gardens.

Window shopping on Gran Colombia

Browse and buy from local artisans selling jewelry, pottery, leather goods, basketwork, and woolen sweaters.

All tours feature:

Soft adventure combined with maximum comfort

Group size of 12 or less to assure attention to individual needs

Dinners featuring local cuisine and performances by folk artists 

Guided tours combined with opportunities to explore on your own 

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